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Membership In North Oakland VillageFlowers  


There are three categories of annual membership at NOV:
Name Benefits  Individual Cost    2 Person House
Associate Member    Volunteers and others wishing to participate in programs & activities $300 $400
Donor Member Members receiving no direct service but willing to provide financial support to NOV. Programs & activities included
$600 $750
Service Member Members receiving all the above plus direct volunteer services $700 $850

In all categories of membership, half year payments are welcomed.

Attend our monthly ‘Time to Talk about NOV’ in our office (3rd Friday of each month 10:30 – 11:30am)"

Join now so we are here when you need us


Complete the application and return it with your check payable to :  North Oakland Village, 2501 Harrison Street, Suite 15, Oakland, CA 94612.

To obtain an application:
Print one out from here 
Membership Application Form 

Call the NOV office 510-547-8500 and request an application be mailed.

• Attend our monthly ‘Time to Talk about NOV’ in our office (3rd Friday of each month 10:30 – 11:30am)

The final step occurs when a Volunteer from the Membership Committee visits you in your home to complete an intake form.  The form will help NOV understand your needs so we can better serve you. Following approval from the Membership Committee, you will receive a copy of your membership material.

Don’t think you are ready to join North Oakland Village?

Consider becoming a supporter. Your donation is tax deductible. Donate Here and help us keep NOV going strong for those who need us now.


  North Oakland Village Office: 

  First Congregational Church of Oakland 
  2501 Harrison Street at the corner of 27th and Harrison  *Driving Directions to North Oakland Village
  Oakland CA 94612
  510 547-8500 or